One of my favorite yoga teachers ends every class with the same beautiful message.  To paraphrase, “The Divine Light within me honors and respects the Divine Light within you.  That Light which is made up of Love and beauty and peace and joy.  And when we are in this space, we are connected, we are one.  Namaste’.

Beautiful, and very spiritual.  Namaste’, to me, acknowledges the belief that the Holy Spirit dwells within all of us, the Holy Spirit is the Divine Light.  The Holy Spirit is one-third of the Holy Trinity:  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  (Can you guess, Catholic upbringing).  While we are in this space; this space is our body, our shells, earth, here and everywhere; not just the yoga studio.  We are all connected all the time, because we all have the Divine Light within us.

Pranayama is our life force aka our breath in yoga.  Divine Light gave us that breath and is our connection to each other.  So knowing that we are all one gives me more empathy, as I know I have suffered tragedy, struggles, losses, then so undoubtedly, has everyone.  Namaste’ reminds me to treat others as I want to be treated.  Namaste’ reminds me to put my filter on before I speak, to speak less and listen more.  Namaste’ reminds me, that within me, is Divine Light and to let the Light shine as often as possible.  Namaste’ recalls the memory of my father saying to me, “you’re like sunshine when you come into a room”.  The nicest thing he ever said.  Namaste’, is my 2018 mantra and my goal.  To see the Light, be the Light, to spread the Light.


Peace Y’all

Picture taken at the outdoor yoga “studio” on the grounds of the Mauna Lani Bay Resort on Kohala Coast, Hawaii.

1 thought on “Namaste’?

  1. Love this!!! Namaste 🙏♥️


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