Goodbye to a great year!

2017 brought changes o’plenty for this Vata!

At the age of 54 I married an amazing, soulful friend of 22 years and I truly believe we began manifesting the entire relationship the day we met!  My man is handsome, loving, supportive, sexy, positive and goes with our flow.  I’m convinced that our ability to FLOW together and independently is key to our happy relationship.  We spoke our vows with a minister on a terrace in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel overlooking the fountains of the Bellagio at sunset with 7 very special loved ones by our sides.  The wedding was elegant, carefree, and perfectly arranged by the Cosmopolitan Hotel Wedding Planner.    I will elaborate on all of that in a future blog.

We moved in 2017, from a big old empty ranch with horse barns and run down finishes into a beautiful, petite house of our dreams, all fresh and new.  We truly feel as if we are living in a resort every day we’re home.  Our forever home.  Building even a semi-custom home is a learning process and requires tremendous attention  to detail; more on that coming soon.

My first yoga class was in January of 2017,  I was instantly hooked.  Hot yoga at 103 Hot Pilates and Yoga in Las Vegas is a fabulous studio in which to begin,  or to continue,  your yoga practice.  Clean and fresh, no moldy smell like many “hot” studios, staffed by some of the best yogi’s in Vegas; I truly love this studio.  I loved it so much in fact, that I signed up for the Costa Rica Teacher Training 200 hour RYT offered by 103 Hot Pilates and Yoga, which I attended in October.  There will be many blogs about that in the future but suffice it to say, it was life changing.  JP Guyer is a phenomenal teacher trainer, Yoga Alliance certified.  The Goddess Garden in Costa Rica, is a beautiful eco-resort that invites you to unplug and explore yoga in the jungle, monkeys included free of charge!

Prior to going to teacher training I completed an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Health Coaching program for healthcare professionals.  I’ve been a registered nurse for 25 years, 5 years of which I spent creating and managing a bariatric surgery program in Lexington, Ky.  Becoming a health coach gave me a great deal of insight into the fitness industry,  from the perspective of a healthcare professional.  Running the bariatric program gave me insight into the need for health coaches, and the wrong way to approach obesity. More on that in a future blog.

October of 2017 is also the month in which I did not, renew my RN license and I became officially, inactive!  That may sound odd to many but my career as a registered nurse has run it’s course, served me well, and been put to rest.  In the interest of finally pursuing dreams from my childhood, and to recognize and honor the Vata in me, I just said no to nursing and the stressful, under-appreciated life of a nurse.  I am truly blessed, and extremely thankful,  to be able to leave that career behind and travel a new path in 2018.

I would be remiss if I did not mention a personal health victory achieved in 2017, total remission of 2 auto-immune diseases.  In 2012 I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis and interstitial lung disease.  Separately these conditions are deadly, but combined, death was most certainly at my door.  As the single mother and solo parent of a 15 year old boy, this was devastating.  My worst fear was that my son would find me dead.   A dear friend by my side one day as I lay in panic,  grabbed my hand and said emphatically  “God does not want this for you”.  Her statement, so powerful,  changed my entire perspective, she was right!  HE would fight for me, and He did!  In the 5 years since those diagnoses I have been on (and off) high dose steroids, chemotherapy, and for one year, oxygen.  I gained 30 pounds, my hair fell out, my face swelled up, but,  I came thru the fire. Praise God!  Today as a whole foods plant based yogi, (shout out to I am in complete remission and back to my college weight!   My rheumatologist cut the cord in November and said, miracles happen.  Amen.     I will blog on this again.

With all that said I hope you return to this site for future blogs about the above mentioned topics and many more.  In 2018 I will be going to a Deepak Chopra event, cruising the Panama Canal, taking a family trip to Europe,  studying photography, and who knows what else.  Yoga of course, in all locations.  I’ll review all events and hopefully,  provide some insight and entertainment.

Happy New Year to all!

Peace Y’all

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